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For a copy of the Youth Club membership information pack, including membership application forms and renewal forms, please see a Youth Club leader at any DCF event.

Terms and conditions of membership

To maximise the enjoyment and safety of all DCF Youth Club Members, we have 15 rules that all Youth Club Members are required to abide by which are shown on page 4 of our membership information pack. Members that persist in breaking these rules can ultimately have their Membership cancelled.

These Terms & Conditions of membership are also designed to maximise the enjoyment and safety of all DCF Youth Club Members. If you have any questions regarding the Youth Club rules, or these Terms & Conditions, please see a Youth Leader at any DCF event.

Members refers to DCF Youth Club Members, however the same behaviour is expected of guests / prospective members. Leaders refers to DCF Youth Club Leaders. Parents refers to Parent(s)/Guardian(s).

DCF Youth Club rules

1. DCF Youth Club is designed for the young people at DCF, and also their friends, and is geared for the secondary school age (11-18 year olds). Membership is only open to children in school years 7-13. (Our Little Livewires club is for those aged 5-7, and Livewires is for those aged 7-11).

2. Membership is only open to those who attend a DCF Sunday morning service (DCF:AM), that of another local church, or Fire Exit! at least once per month. If another church is attended, please inform a Youth Leader.

3. We ask that Youth Club members do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before a Youth Club event starts, so as to prevent disturbance to local neighbours and for members own safety. (The exception to this is where a parent drops their child at DCF, at the same time as collecting their younger child(ren) from Livewires).

4. For safety of Members and peace of mind of their Parents, members attending DCF Youth Club events are required to stay for the duration of the event. If a member needs to leave before 10:00pm on a Friday, 8:30pm on a Sunday or before the scheduled finish time of another organised event, the DCF Youth Club Team must be be informed by a Parent.

5. Youth Members can bring 1 guest per week whom they are prepared to vouch for (are aware that bad behaviour of their guest will reflect on them) – If a Member wishes to bring more than one guest please discuss with a Youth Leader first. Please, wherever possible, inform a Youth Club leader prior to bringing a guest. A guest must complete membership forms if they wish to attend Youth Club again during that term.

6. Membership numbers are limited, and if no places are available we will put your child’s name on a waiting list and contact you when space becomes available. Membership is limited to 30 at present. When places for other special events are organised (such as ice skating, bowling or similar trips) priority is given to Members who attend the most events.

7. Members are expected to keep to all of the DCF Youth Club rules.

8. Members in possession of, or under the influence of alcohol, tobacco or illegal drugs will not be admitted. If such an occasion arises, Parents will be notified immediately.

9. All valuables (mobile phones, money for the tuck shop, handbags etc) are the responsibility of individual Members. Whilst endeavouring to maintain a safe and secure environment at all times, DCF Youth Club cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage that occurs.

10. We request that no iPods, MP3 Players or any music players be brought to Youth Club events. We also ask that no Game Boys, PSP’s or any personal gaming device be brought to Youth Club events. We ask both these things to protect such items from potential damage, and to encourage the young people to mix together and build friendships based on talking rather than electronic devices.

11. If mobile phones are being misused, detracting from an activity or limiting normal conversation, Leaders will ask that the phone be handed in to the Youth Team, where it will be kept safe until it is returned to the Member at the end of the Youth Club event. Your child can ALWAYS be contacted using the phone numbers provided on page 3 of this information pack.

12. Camera’s on mobile phones are NOT to be used at DCF Youth Club, nor are normal camera’s (digital or analogue) belonging to Youth Club Members to be used.

13. There is a weekly charge of £1.50 per person for Friday evening Youth Club. Fire Exit! on Sunday evenings is free, as is DCF:AM. For all other events incurring a cost such as special events, details will be supplied by letter as and when the events are announced.

14. For all DCF Youth Club events, except in difficult circumstances or in the event of emergencies, lifts home for members cannot be given due to the numbers of young people attending. We would request that, wherever possible, members are collected at the conclusion of the event/meeting. We cannot be held responsible for the safety of members once they leave the premises. If your child requires a lift on a regular basis please speak to a Leader, and we will endeavour to be as accommodating as practically possible.

15. Please note: Youth Club Leaders cannot administer any legal drugs / medication. No such items are to be brought to a DCF Youth Club event, except where authorised by a Parent in writing, following discussion with a DCF Youth Club Leader.