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The next Sheer Praise event is on 2nd November 2019 at 6:30pm, finishing around 7:45pm and followed by DECAF coffee bar open until 10pm with hot food, drinks, cakes and snacks available.

Several times each year we meet together for an hour of Sheer Praise – simply an hour or so of praise and worship to God, to thank Him for all He has done for us and in us.  There is not a dedicated time of teaching, though there is always something to learn from the words of the songs that we sing.

The time of praise is led by the DCF Band and we sing both modern praise songs (from worship leaders such as Chris Tomlin, Paul Baloche, Scott Cunningham, Kari Jobe etc) and also older hymns (such as well known hymns like Amazing grace, How great Thou art, What a friend we have in Jesus etc).  The style of music is best described as contemporary, but not raucous – with acoustic and electric guitars, drums, bass and occasionally keyboard and cornet, as well as vocals.

DECAF coffee bar

After our time of praise finishes (usually around 7:45pm) the DECAF coffee bar in the hall opens until 10pm where tea, coffee, latte and hot chocolate are available along with our legendary Manna Burgers, nachos, cakes and scones etc.  The usual tuck shop favourites are available too with a good selection of cans, chocolate, crisps, sweets and so on.  This time spent with each other is a really valuable time of fellowship where we get to encourage each other, and be encouraged – something that the Bible says we should do more and more.

DECAF xtra

If you are over 18 then you are most welcome to stay on later into the evening for more good conversation, music and fun and games as we relax together.  Every xtra event is slightly different depending on who is there, but you can be sure the kettle will remain on with free tea and coffee in abundant supply plus the odd snack or two.  Typically the xtra events run until around midnight.

Sheer Praise dates for 2019

  • 2nd March
  • 11th May
  • 13th July
  • 7th September
  • 2nd November

Invites are available in the entrance area and from the counter in the hall for you to easily invite friends, family, colleagues and school-mates.  Additionally each Sheer Praise date is created as a Facebook Event providing another way to invite people, and to be reminded of when the next Sheer Praise is – check out our Facebook page at

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