Simply teaching the Bible, simply

Deal Christian Fellowship (DCF) is a Calvary Chapel church based in Deal, Kent at the end of Sutherland Road (Click here for map).

DCF was formed in 1992 and first began to meet in homes with the purpose of using the Word of God (the Bible) as the ultimate authority and guide for life. From the start we were able to search the scriptures for the real truth without the constraint of erroneous traditions, pre-conceived ideas or misconceptions which can easily creep in over a period of time, and search for the real freedom which comes from knowing our Creator.

We very soon moved into Sandown School, Deal and stayed there for three and half years before moving to The Landmark Centre in Deal High street. After a further six and a half years DCF moved to its present location in Sutherland Road.

The move was little short of miraculous and as a result of fervent prayer by church leaders and members alike. After re-ordering the inside of the church building, which took only one month with all church members involved in one way or another, we were able to get on with the Spiritual life and growth of the church.

The Lord has been exceedingly good to us in all kinds of ways; introducing us to so many specialist ministries, giving us so many talented musicians, providing so many people with special talents in areas such as children’s work, youth work, preaching and teaching, folk with special IT skills, abilities to co-ordinate and organise not to mention those with a hunger and thirst for the scriptures and for prayer.

The ongoing work of DCF has included thriving children’s groups called Little Livewires and Livewires, a Youth Club, social events, summer bar-b-ques, sporting events and a host of other events all designed to bring people together in a relaxed atmosphere.

As a Christian church, of course, our most important times together are when we meet for worship, prayer or study of God’s Word. This takes place at various times during a typical week with our main service on Sundays at 10.30am (you can find out more about our Sunday morning service here).

In around 2005 we started fellowshipping with the Calvary Chapel group of churches, who are now very much family to us, and we began studying the Bible verse-by-verse on most Sunday mornings and at our mid-week Bible study (we teach on various topics at other meetings).

DCF is a registered charity has a full child protection policy in place administered by the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service – CCPAS.