Simply teaching the Bible, simply


This study was taught by Sim Forder, one of our pastors, at our Sunday morning service on the 26th June 2022. You can listen on this web page or save the audio for later listening.

Overview of this study

When we gather to praise and worship God in song, we often sing words that make grand claims about how we desire to follow God and honour Him – but do we sing one thing and do another? Jesus warned very clearly about hypocrisy, and in this study we take a look at some of the words we often sing, and consider what the Bible has to say on those topics with a view to examining our hearts on the matter.

Application questions

  • How well does your life match with what you sing?
  • Would it be a surprise to your school-friends or colleagues if they heard you sing the words to the songs you do on a Sunday, given what they see during the week?
  • What are you going to do to avoid being a hypocrite?


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