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Friday evenings

To limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), in accordance with Government guidelines, we are not currently meeting in person – however we are continuing to meet online as a church family. Additional information is available here.
Every Friday from 7:30pm to 10:00pm (during term time only)

Our Friday evening meetings are an opportunity for the young people to meet together and relax after the school week. Each week there is an organised activity that ranges from active games such as newspaper hockey, football, dodge-ball, rounders and mini-olympics to slower paced games such as quizzes, rapid-dough (a modelling game), table-football tournaments, air-hockey & table tennis competitions.

During the rest of the evening the young people have opportunity to catch up with their friends from other schools, play on the wide variety of games available and also take part in discussions about all sorts of topics. As is part of all DCF Youth Club events the young people have opportunity to ask the Leaders Bible related questions too. A tuck shop is available throughout the evening.

We encourage the young people to look after each other as friends, and to live a moral life.

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