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Rebuilding the walls

This study was taught at our Sunday evening service by Pete Smith on the 21st February 2021. You can listen to the audio on this web page or save it for later listening.

In this study we considered the rebuilding of walls of Jerusalem under the lead of Nehemiah, which was instigated in Nehemiah 2:17-30, and described in Nehemiah 3:1-32. Specifically, we looked at how each of the gates built into the wall serve as a reminder to us in our Christian walk:

  1. The Sheep Gate reminds us where we start our walk – what Jesus did for us
  2. The Fish Gate is representative of the witness we should be (being fishers of men)
  3. The Old Gate, where the elders met to discuss community, reminds us we all need to be involved
  4. The Valley Gate (the Jaffa gate today) is representative of us growing as a new Christian, ahead of the valleys – the trials – that we can’t avoid
  5. The Dung Gate reminds us of the things that need clearing out in our lives, often revealed in our trials
  6. The Fountain Gate is representative of the need for the Holy Spirit working in our lives
  7. The Water Gate is representative of the need for the Bible, the Word of God (our living water)
  8. The Horse Gate reminds us of warfare, and our need for the Amour of God
  9. The East Gate speaks of the second coming of Christ – our great hope
  10. The Muster Gate reminds us of the Bema Seat of Christ, and the crown of life


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