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Proverbs 1:1-2:9

This study is part of our series of verse by verse studies of Proverbs, the 20th book in the Bible. Taught by Sim Forder, one of our pastors, at our Sunday morning service on the 5th September 2021. You can watch or listen on this web page or save the audio for later listening.

Introduction to Proverbs

The book of Proverbs is timeless. It is scientifically accurate, morally excellent, and it does not contradict itself. And reading it, it is easy to see why the forward in the NKJV says “the simple truth is that if people followed the advice of Proverbs, many of their problems would be reduced dramatically”.

And it’s perhaps the easiest book of the Bible to summarise quickly:

Because if you are going to summarise Proverbs in one word, it’s WISDOM
If you are going to summarise Proverbs in two words, it’s GET WISDOM
If you are going to summarise Proverbs in three words, it’s GET WISDOM NOW

Summary of this study

In these opening two chapters, we see Solomon set out the purpose of Proverbs, and the foundation to wisdom: the fear of the Lord. Not fear in the sense of cowering in the corner, but that of reverence – knowing who God is, and acting accordingly. Next he pleads with the reader to not consent to evil, and take notice of the cry of wisdom – a cry that will only do anyone any good if they hear AND apply it to their lives. And as we’ll see throughout the first 9 chapters, he contrasts wisdom against foolishness.

Application questions

  • Where are you trying to gain wisdom from? (be honest!)
  • How diligent are you in searching out God’s wisdom?
  • How can you better apply God’s wisdom to your life?

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  1. Keren & I listened to this opening sermon on Proverbs and were really blessed by it. We loved the way you set out the book and split it into key sections which are easy to follow. The illustration about the price of sin being equated to a car manufacturer who tells you the cost of the deposit & monthly payments but not the total settlement figure was brilliant and memorable. Thank you Sim, we look forward to catching up on the other sermons we have yet to hear.

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