Simply teaching the Bible, simply

Proverbs 12:1-13:25

This study is part of our series of verse by verse studies of Proverbs, the 20th book in the Bible. Taught by Sim Forder, one of our pastors, at our Sunday morning service on the 3rd October 2021. You can watch or listen on this web page or save the audio for later listening.

Summary of this study

As we move through these chapters, Solomon lays out point by point what wisdom and righteousness are, contrasted to foolishness and wickedness. Whether it is our words, our actions, or our thoughts, we need to be open to learning what God wants, and receiving His instruction and correction, even when it is delivered through other people (see Proverbs 3:11-12).

Application questions

  • Do we hate correction (are we stupid)?
  • Are we delighting the Lord?
  • Are material or spiritual riches our aim?
  • Could we be better at encouraging? And what will we do if so?


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