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Genesis 9:1-29

This study is part of our series of verse by verse studies of Genesis, the 1st book in the Bible. Taught by our pastor, Simeon Forder, at our Sunday morning service on the 24th September 2023.

About this book

Genesis is the first book in the Bible, and in its more than 1500 verses, there are over 50 prophecies, 100+ commands, over 70 promises, and almost 100 distinct messages from God. As well as recording the firsts of so many things — including the first marriage, sin, child, murder, death, laughs, tears — this book also explains God’s established order in all things; from creation to Israel, marriage to tithing, and all before the law is even mentioned. But ultimately, this book points to Jesus as our Saviour, not only in obvious ways, but in its smaller details too.

About this study

Following the flood we see Noah, his sons, and their wives begin their new life on earth. And at this new beginning God repeats some of what He said at creation, underlining the sanctity of human life (we are made in His image) and that man is to have dominion over animals (we are not on equal footing, and now are permitted to eat meat). But also God makes a covenant with Noah that He will never send a worldwide flood again, not because of Noah’s goodness, but because of His grace.

Application questions

  • Do you advocate for the sanctity of life? If not, who will?
  • Do you appreciate how sure your salvation is? Do you praise God for it?
  • What are you doing to finish your race well?


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