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Genesis 29:1-35

This study is part of our series of verse by verse studies of Genesis, the 1st book in the Bible. Taught by our pastor, Simeon Forder, at our Sunday morning service on the 10th March 2024.

About this book

Genesis is the first book in the Bible, and in its more than 1500 verses, there are over 50 prophecies, 100+ commands, over 70 promises, and almost 100 distinct messages from God. As well as recording the firsts of so many things — including the first marriage, sin, child, murder, death, laughs, tears — this book also explains God’s established order in all things; from creation to Israel, marriage to tithing, and all before the law is even mentioned. But ultimately, this book points to Jesus as our Saviour, not only in obvious ways, but in its smaller details too.

About this study

In this chapter, Jacob continues on from Bethel and reaches Haran, and not only meets one of Laban’s daughters as he arrives, but instantly falls in love with her. In verses 15-30, just a month in, their marriage is arranged – at least that’s what Jacob thinks – but he’ll soon find out he is on the wrong end of being deceived this time. Ultimately, he’ll marry the girl he wanted to, but also the one he didn’t. And as we read how these events in the past unfolded, there is challenge to us today.

Application questions

  • Are you valuing physical appearance over spiritual qualities?
  • Are you so in love with the Lord, that serving Him seems but a small thing?
  • Is your focus on what you yet want God to do, or what He has already done?


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