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Easter thoughts: Day 1 – Palm Sunday

I want to talk to you about the day we often call Palm Sunday. We usually associate Palm Sunday with the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, and we often call that the “triumphal entry”. Actually the real triumphal entry is still yet to happen when Jesus comes back a second time, but his entry into Jerusalem on that day had actually been prophesied way back in the book of Daniel.

And now after 173,880 days to the day,  this particular day had arrived and the crowds that would soon turn against him cheered and waved palm branches, and Jesus himself said if they hadn’t done that, the very stones on the roadway would have cried out.

Someone once brought me back one of those stones; this is what it looks like. It would have been quite something to hear it cry out in praise to God. But it would have, because that’s how powerful God is.


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