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An example in prayer

This study was taught by Sim Forder, one of our pastors, at our Sunday morning service on the 21st August 2022. You can listen on this web page or save the audio for later listening.

Overview of this study

Prayer is both wonderful and critical to the Christian – yet it’s easy to neglect and we don’t always feel like praying. Therefore we must be all the more determined to do it, keeping in mind our need for obedience (see Psalm 66:18). In 1 Kings 18 we see an amazing example of prayer by the prophet Elijah, who speaks just 32 Hebrew words to God and sees an instant reply. Looking at what Elijah prays for, and also what he doesn’t, there are several important things we can learn.

Application questions

  • Are you setting an example in prayer where you should?
  • Are you acting in obedience?
  • Are you praying in confidence?
  • Are you praying according to God’s will?
  • Are you praying for His glory?
  • Are you praying for others?
  • Are you praying for spiritual needs?
  • Are you praying simply?
  • Are you praying boldly?


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