Simply teaching the Bible, simply

Bob Forder

Bob began his Christian ministry in 1974 working with teenagers in Deal, Kent, as a youth leader. This continued for 15 years and during that time, with Maureen his wife, and other leaders, he took many different groups of teenagers to Greenbelt Christian Arts festivals and also ran house-party weekends for many years.

As part of the youth work he began a monthly coffee bar called Manna House which gave Christian bands the opportunity to develop their talents and also provided a place for people to meet with other Christians. Many of these young people have since married and now have teenagers of their own.

For a time Bob and his family were involved with ‘Galilee’ which was a trust presenting the gospel through music to various venues across southern England including prisons and cathedrals.

Some time later as a way of linking youth living in Kent together, Bob and Maureen produced numerous issues of ‘Alive magazine’ which contained articles written by some of the teenagers plus Christian music reviews, Bible studies, current events, topical issues as seen from a biblical perspective and a ‘what’s on’ section. He was also involved in many other aspects of church life. He played drums in the music group each week and led times of praise on many occasions.

He had, (and still has) a real desire to keep to the inerrant word of God and he led numerous study groups. Through work contacts and Christian friends he formed strong links with many sound Christian ministries such as Creation Science Movement / Reachout Trust / Barry Smith and George Curle (End times) and others. Also, his love of the Word of God increased his understanding of the place of Israel and the Jewish people in God’s plan. Throughout this time he had a small recording studio, which was used to record tapes of the church music group and also his family.

In 1992, after much prayer, he was led by God to form Deal Christian Fellowship. At first there were a dozen or so who met in homes but within a couple of months they began to meet in a school, followed some years later to a community centre. Many vital lessons have been learnt and Bob continued to seek God’s will for the fellowship.

By a series of amazing events, through the prayers of many, God answered the request for a building for DCF. Another local free church who had a building were praying for more people and God brought us all together.

Many years on Bob is pastoring and teaching a committed church, verse by verse and chapter by chapter, whose desire is to be taught the Word of God and so it is yet another blessing that through various contacts made in 2002/3 at a FACT conference in Portsmouth he has linked with other pastors, mainly from Calvary Chapels, which has expanded the resources available to DCF.

The church has now officially become part of Calvary Chapel. Bob and Maureen have three grown up children Katie, Barry and Simeon, who are all involved in the ministry at DCF and also have six grandchildren.