Simply teaching the Bible, simply

Fire Exit!

Every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm (during term time only)

On Sunday evenings we take time out to study the Bible – the most amazing book in the world. Over a period of roughly 5 years we look at every single book in the Bible (and then start again), encouraging the young people to think for themselves, making their own decisions about what they believe and not feeling pressured by their peers.

Because the Bible has so much to say about how we should live, we encourage the young people to live a Biblical lifestyle, instead of a dangerous one. As is clear from the aims and rules of DCF Youth Club, we teach that they should keep away from drugs, smoking and alcohol (and once an adult to keep alcohol in moderation). We also show that the Bible says that sexual relationships are to be saved for marriage, and that the best friendships are built on what they and their friends believe, not on the latest trends.

Each Fire Exit! evening starts with a time of worship to God, which is important in itself, but also provides opportunity for those who play musical instruments to get involved in each Fire Exit! evening. Other parts of the evening include opportunity for the young people to talk about their week and ask any Bible related questions that they may have.

Where possible, we request that you collect your Child from Fire Exit!, however lifts are possible in difficult circumstances – please speak to a Youth Leader at any DCF event. Lifts to Fire Exit! can also be arranged in some circumstances – however this is very limited – please discuss with a Youth Leader.