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What is SingleMinded?

In June 2011 Matt & Dianna Kottman (Disciples Church, Leatherhead) organised a conference for single Christians at the High Leigh Conference Centre, after prayer and in response to many conversations with those who were single and had questions or struggles about how to live as a single Christian.

The conference, and this web site are designed to not only encourage and challenge those that are single (for whatever reason or stage of life), but also those that are in a dating relationhsip but not yet married, as many of the questions and issues affect anyone who is not married.

The conference was welcomed by many in Calvary Chapel churches in the UK, as was the teaching that was received during the weekend. The following year the conference relocated to DCF in Kent as there was no cost for hiring a venue, and now in it’s sixth year the conference will be held on Saturday 8th October 2016.

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Over the years there has been a variety of speakers and session leaders including; Jeff and Kari Patterson, Matt & Dianna Kottman, Simeon Forder, Bob Forder, Joey Rozek, Rob & Joanie Dingman, Sarah Yardley and last year we enjoyed Steve Vickery, Doug & Lisa Keen, Simeon Forder and Katie Clague teaching/leading.

The annual conference is now organised by Simeon Forder, assistant pastor at DCF, and in the summer of 2015 we launched our all-new web site with the intention of equipping and encouraging single and dating Christians throughout the year.

Over the coming months we will be posting articles and short studies from some of the speakers this year, as well as other pastors, teachers and leaders. There will be articles from those that are single and those that are married. Those that are younger and those that are older.

The reality that each of us face is that we are all born single, and even if we marry there is a 50% chance (maybe higher) that we will end life single (even if only accounting for death). If we are only single for a season, the lessons learnt in singleness will be incredibly valuable in marriage. If we are to live our lives single then we sure need to know how to live right. Regardless of our marital state, we will always know others that are single – some content, some struggling. And therefore it is so important that we each have an understanding of how God would have us live our lives as single Christians.

We are excited about the coming year, and preparing for SingleMinded 2016. If you have any questions about this ministry, or the conference, then please get in touch by email to

Why is it called SingleMinded?

It’s easy to be distracted as a single person.  Whether it is the pursuit of a career, the hope of marriage, the excitement of travelling the world or any one of hundreds of hobbies and pastimes.  And in general those things are not wrong – but what is to be the primary focus of our lives?

The dictionary says to be single-minded is having or concentrating on only one aim or purpose.

As Christians that surely has to be our relationship with God – and so the SingleMinded name really comes from our need to pursue God. The dictionary says to be single-minded is having or concentrating on only one aim or purpose.  And so it’s with that intention that we aim to get to know God more, to understand how He would have us live, and what He would have us do.